Eric Wheeler from Ad Age says Social Media has killed the ad campaign by putting all the power in the hands of the consumer.

2010 Kia Soul photographed in Marshall Hall, M...

Still, there are many opportunities to reinforce your brand through traditional channels, albeit not necessarily a display ad.  I’m constantly amazed at how many people will comment on something that has appeared in the MSM or in traditional media like TV, outdoor or magazines. However, in my personal experience, many of these comments have resulted from publicity or earned media rather than paid media.

The reality is that consumers have all sorts of choices when it comes to receiving the messages that are most congruent to them at the thousands of message intersections during the day. It’s not a social media vs. traditional media question, the answer is integration of your messages for the distribution channels and your messages for the audience you seek to influence.

Look at Jack-in-the-Box. Their recent “Really Big Chicken Sandwich” campaign included ALL of the media you can possibly name including social media, television, outdoor, print and radio.  All masterfully coordinated to mesh together in perfect timing to bring awareness to the new product.

Or take the recent example from Kia and their car the Soul. Mainstream television buys pushed out the newest hamster commercial surrounded by the HALO looking characters dancing to the new LMFAO single, “Party Rock Anthem”. The commercial was simultaneously posted on YouTube by Kia Motors which (at the date of this posting) has more than 5.7 million views. That’s 5.7 million voluntary views. I’m assuming a good portion of those views are by pre-teens and teens who are currently bugging their parents to buy them a Kia Soul. Considering my kids have watched it a couple of hundred times.

Advertising is not dead. It wasn’t killed by the introduction of direct mail, or telemarketing or email marketing.

But, it certainly has changed and communicators and marketers better change as well.


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