5 Brands with Terrible Facebook Updates

Posted: August 1, 2011 in Social Media
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Facebook logoOuch. It hurts when your brand is singled out for posting bad Facebook updates. Lauren Friedman says Glee, Aquafina, Bally’s Total Fitness, Wet Seal and BP just don’t get it.

They are guilty in variously committing these Facebook don’ts:

  • Don’t spam your audience. Posting updates back to back, multiple times per day, is the best way to get hidden in the news feed.
  • Don’t neglect issues or problems on your page. Social media is a two-way conversation you can have with your customers. When you ignore concerns or questions, it appears as if you don’t care.
  • Don’t use formulaic responses. In the same vein as ignoring comments, it’s just as bad to post a canned response to all issues or concerns.
  • Don’t automate your updates. Users notice when they see the same exact content posted on all your networks or marketing channels. This includes linking your Facebook and Twitter accounts.
  • Don’t turn off the wall. While neglecting issues or problems is a bad practice, turning off the wall completely sends the message that you just want to broadcast, not engage.

One item that I found particularly interesting here is the admonishment against using automated updates.  I’ve seen more and more evidence of this on corporate and personal blogs/social media sites.  Lauren’s comments here does hit on my initial reaction to seeing automated posts — it just feels artificial.  Just because automating the procedure is easier for YOU, it doesn’t mean it’s right for your COMMUNITY.


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