Weinergate Update: Continuing Trickle of Photos Increases the Heat

Posted: June 14, 2011 in Politics, Reputation
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Anthony Weiner

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With new information and photos surfacing about congressman Anthony Weiner adding to the creepiness factor, the heat is getting to the point where Weiner will have to resign just to stay sane.

New photos and revelations regarding cybersex with a Georgia cheerleading coach and contact with underage girls have accelerated the public discussion and fueled a House Ethics Committee probe, protests and a chorus of calls for him to resign from Democratic colleagues. Even President Obama was saying yesterday that “I would resign” if in Weiner’s situation.

I will say that as of last Thursday, it looked like Weiner was employing a strategy to support his position of not resigning that could have worked:

  • His press statements seemed to be open as he took “full responsibility” for his situation, he was going to work hard to “make amends to his constituents”, and take time to work on his marriage.
  • The Democratic talking points seemed to settle on a clear point: this is a personal matter between him and his wife — and his constituents. Nothing is illegal here. Voters will decide in the next election if he should go.
  • A poll was released saying that 56% of his constituents wanted him to stay.
It looked like he was gathering some defenses which could keep him in office long enough that other scandals would emerge and people would ultimately forget about a sex scandal that did not involve real sex. Some people are even debating whether cyber sex is really cheating on your wife at all…
But, that was last week and the fire surrounding the scandal and the now disgraced congressman is growing with renewed pressure to resign. 

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