Weiner Sexting Scandal to Widen, Ridicule Signals a Blow to Reputation

Posted: June 2, 2011 in Reputation
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What is it with these guys who feel compelled to send a photo of their penis to young women?

You’d think that Rep. Anthony Weiner, D-N.Y., would have learned from the Brett Favre sexting pics scandal before he allegedly sent his own version to a college coed who follows him on his Twitter account. Weiner has been caught up in the scandal and has been alternatively denying the story, stonewalling or changing his story, finally admitting that the photo might be of him.

What’s notable for us is the ridicule that will be coming his way over this situation.  It’s a sure sign of a serious, serious blow to your reputation.  If you are a power player in politics or the corporate world, you do not want to be the object of public ridicule or scorn — especially about something as private and symbolic as the size and condition of your penis. Obviously, the play on words with his last name is irresistable and has probably plagued the Representative all his life, but this situation has given several women commentators/journalists/bloggers the open door to publicly ridicule Weiner, comparing him to Pee Wee Herman or saying that the whole scandal will be settled in “small claims court”.

Interestingly, the whole thing may have been exposed (see, even I’m doing it) or revealed (sorry) by Weiner’s flub of a Tweet, which was supposed to have been private, but was inadvertantly sent to his entire group of 40,000+ followers. Oops.

The longer this scandal goes on, the worse for the career and the reputation of the Representative.  Some are saying it could signal the end of his career, but the conventional wisdom is that minor sex scandals have not killed the careers of several other politicians such as Bill Clinton and Elliot Spitzer.  However, it should be noted the long-term reputations — the legacy — that each of these people carry forward is forever tainted with the scandal that engulfed them. Remember, Google has a long memory and that every time a sex scandal surfaces media references to other big scandals are linked to emerging story (much like what I’ve done in this post).


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