Will Facebook Replace Company Websites?

Posted: March 6, 2011 in Digital Marketing, Social Media
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Yes, says Facebook.

In a somewhat self-serving look at the astronomical numbers of users, Facebook says there are so many more visitors on company Facebook pages than on the company web pages, that companies might want to forget even having a website.

 And the numbers are amazing. Starbucks has 21.1 million likes on its Facebook page compared to to 1.8 million visitors to its actual website. For Coca-Cola, it’s 20.5 million compared with 270,000; for Oreo, 10.1 million compared with 290,000.  Pretty outstanding numbers.

However, do you really want Facebook to be your main publicly-facing vehicle? Facebook’s needs and business model are not necessarily aligned with yours. Are users going to get sick of the ubiquitousness of Facebook and rebel?

As the marketing side of Facebook becomes increasingly obvious, there will be a drop off in the number of people who want to be exposed to another form of advertising.


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