Build Your Own YouTube Channel

Posted: February 27, 2011 in Digital Marketing
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Following my earlier post about the importance of having your videos on YouTube, this post covers the tools that YouTube provides to help you brand you own channel.

First of all, what’s a YouTube channel?  It is essentially your home page or hub on YouTube for storing and sharing of all your videos. This makes it easier for your audience to easily find all your videos and to subscribe to your page.

At this juncture in time, the “branding” that you will be able to acheive is going to be pretty simple and consist mainly of changing the colors on the page, inserting a background image and inserting your logo or icons onto the page.

So you’ll need a your designer or a photo application like Photoshop to create or convert your artwork into the sizes needed for the various banners and boxes you’ll want.

Then you’ll need to go here on YouTube to see all of the sizes for your artwork.  And YouTube does remind you that it can take 8 hours to see your changes on your live channel.


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