White House Uses New Technology to “End Run” Media

Posted: February 15, 2011 in Digital Marketing, Messaging, Social Media
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The current White House Administration’s success with social media and new technology tools is proving to be a road map for corporations and organizations to bypass the mainstream media and provide direct access to customers.

ABC News predictably reports the success as “dangerous” and equates the move to “state-run media” as the White House connects directly with fans at the old media’s expense.

For example, ABC and the old media were not invited to a recent START treaty signing with the Russians. But the event was extensively covered through a variety to tools like Twitter, Facebook and several video news magazines that are produced by staffers.

Critics come mainly from the mainstream media and journalism professors who say the traditional media holds the President accountable with its implied criticism (although there is plenty of evidence that there is scant criticism of this administration from the MSM). 

Interestingly, the ABC article linked to above ends with a quote from David Perlmutter, director of the University of Iowa School of Journalism and Mass Communication, who says that younger consumers apparently are not at all interested in the MSM acting as a “filter” for them.  They would rather communicate directly with the White House.

This has tremendous implications for any corporate communicator. There is a saying that all entities can now be their own broadcasting station, but it is readily apparent that the U.S. consumer is now accepting and, indeed, hungry for information directly from you.

The old media’s irrelevance is spiralling downward at an accellerated rate now.


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