Fake Stories Continue to Expose Media Bias

Posted: February 10, 2011 in Media Bias
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Christina Augilera

Christina Augilera

In the rush for news that supports a certain ideological bent, more liberal news outlets are getting caught in the embarrassing predicament of reporting fake stories as real.

Rachel Maddow jumped on a fake story about Sarah Palin calling for an U.S. let invasion of Egypt.  And now US Weekly has to eat crow about publishing a fake story about Sarah Palin slamming Christina Aguilera’s botched singing of the national anthem at the Super Bowl.

We’ve seen this before, if you can remember waaaaaay back to 2005 when Dan Rather and CBS reported a fake story about then President George Bush’s service with the Texas Air National Guard.  CBS ran the story for 12 days before finally admitting it could not verify the accuracy of the documents in question.  I recall seeing Dan Rather in an interview later in which he basically said, even if the documents were not real, they should have been real.  Of course, that was during the downward spiral of Rather’s career when he was acting more and more bizarre.

Here’s the point: the Internet is a great tool, but it’s very openness makes for some dodginess in terms of accuracy.  The democratization of media means anyone — and I mean anyone — can publish informaton just like the big news outlets.

The fact that the big news outlets are continually so eager to publish potentially damaging information about their political enemies is an indication of an institutionalized bias that corporate communicators need to keep in mind.


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