Media is About Entertainment, Not News

Posted: November 1, 2010 in Media, Media Bias

Every once in a while the media gets caught in a compromising position which reminds us as practitioners that their real mission is different from their stated mission.  

Marketing people often write “earned media” elements into their marketing plan — specifically naming press releases, news conferences or other activities involving the traditional mainstream media as a way to gain more exposure.  Be forewarned, however, that once you start swimming in this pool, you’ll need professional help to navigate around the dangers involved with inviting the media to cover you.

The recent incident with Alaska CBS affiliate station KTVA which outed reporters discussing ways to create news instead of reporting news, should be a stern reminder that the media is not there to report your event.  It’s there to create a package which will provide entertainment for viewers.  The station’s reply to the event on its own website is a good start, but the station’s general manager provides a weak explanation which most commenters say reveals the station’s bias.

As the competition between old school mainstream media and new media continues to evolve, players will be resorting to even more dramatic tactics to keep or win viewers.


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